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cleaning equipment

Cleaning Equipment Categories:

1 Various types of heat exchanger cleaning, such as cooling towers and condensers.

2 Cleaning of pipelines: commonly referred to as water, sewage, oil, gas, sewage pipelines.

3 Cleaning of pressure vessels, including storage cylinders, autoclaves, synthesis towers, etc.;

4 Cleaning of industrial containers such as tanks, cabinets, tanks, etc. for fluids such as gas, water, oil, solution and slurry.

5 Cleaning of tanks for road and rail transportation, and oil tanks for waterborne ships.

6 Descaling, descaling and sand cleaning of castings and steel surfaces.

7 Cleaning of the surface of various large industrial equipment, for example, the treatment of degreasing and decontaminating the surface of the rolling mill.

8 Cleaning and cleaning of various large buildings and office buildings.

9 Cleaning of concrete structures, including road surface smear cleaning, road surface loosening (depth 6mm-25mm), airport runway degumming and concrete blistering.

10 Cleaning of the ship. In the ship repair process, the high-pressure water jet can be used to remove the growth on the hull, the cabin and the propeller; the oil on the surface of the hull can be removed, and the deposit on the ballast tank, the bottom plate and the cabin can be removed.

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