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Framework oil seal

The framework oil seal is a typical representative of the oil seal. Generally speaking, the oil seal refers to the framework oil seal. The function of the oil seal is generally to isolate the parts of the transmission parts that need to be lubricated from the output parts, so as not to let the lubricating oil leak. The framework acts like a reinforcing bar inside the concrete member, which acts to strengthen and maintain the shape and tension of the oil seal. According to the structure, the single lip framework oil seal and the double lip framework oil seal can be divided. The secondary lip of the double-headed framework oil seal acts as a dustproof to prevent dust and impurities from entering the inside of the machine. According to the framework type, it can be divided into an inner framework oil seal, an exposed framework oil seal and an assembled oil seal. According to working conditions, it can be divided into rotating framework oil seal and reciprocating framework oil seal.

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